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30 July 2008

Experiments in Pedestrianism

A friend of mine is borrowing the car seat for the next ten days for some friends who are visiting from Australia.

This means that Daughter and I won't be using the car for the next ten days.

We live right downtown. There are grocery stores and parks, the pool, and friends all within walking distance. We have a bike and a bike trailer.

Honestly, we don't use the car all that often. We don't have much need.

Here is the thing. The weather here has sucked ALL summer. It is raining like crazy day after day after day after day. We drive more than we maybe NEED to because of the weather. We make outings to Fred Meyer's because it something that we can do to kill an hour on a rainy afternoon.

So here we are. The great ten day Experiment in Pedestrianism. Without regard for the weather.

Yesterday, because it wasn't raining, we walked all the way to the other end of town to buy a teeshirt for Daughter's cousin. She did most of the walking herself, but was tired out by the time we hit the uphill home and needed to be carried about the last quarter-mile home. Not bad, really. She was a trooper. Who claimed that she was "just almost ready for bed now" by the time we walked in the door to make dinner.

Maybe lots more sleep will be the pay off of all this. Sweeeeeeeet.

I think at the end of it we should celebrate with a trip somewhere. . .

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