Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

27 September 2008

Cough, Cough, Gag, Barf., Repeat . . . Otherwise known as Good Morning, Mom!

You know that scene from Jurassic Park where the girl gets sneezed on by the sick dinosaur and gets covered in slime?

That is more or less how my day started.

Daughter is sick.

Her step-brother at Dad's house was sick last week. We thought she had skirted the bug, but that appears to have been an optimistic assessment.

She's been sort of sniffily for a couple days. Then came coughing. Then the barfing started this morning. When I picked her up out of bed. Which means that she puked all over me. It was less than glorious.

She is now camped out on the couch with her soft blanket, soft pillow, special bear, cup of ice water, and second video of the day.

Poor thing.

Although she is particularly snuggly. Which you won't catch me complaining about.

I do, however, need more coffee. So if that could magically appear in my hand right now, that would be super. Thanks.

As of 12:55pm, with five fruit juice popcicles, some baby asprin, and gummy bear vitamens in her stomach, Daughter is walking under her own power. Also, sliding on her indoor slide. Thill, twaking dike dith, though.

***UPDATE, Redux***
Daughter continued to improve. Her Dad got out of his meeting early and came over to pick her up. Early. She was worn out, but is looking forward to spending tomorrow with his parents. I hate the hand off. It gets harder, not easier. Espicially when she is sick and small. I have no real responsibilities until Monday at 12:30 when I pick her up from pre-school. I mean, I've already done the laundry and everything.

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