Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

15 October 2008

Toddler Hilariousnes, Campaign Edition 2008

This post is going to be brief and say that I have been up waving yard signs for two hours in 16 degree weather at 6:30 this morning then running all over with my favorite congressional candidate and his family and my kid and the press guy.

Daughter and I are off for more sign waving in a couple of hours. Then I drop her at Her Dad's and head downtown for party set up and actual party.

Here is a little randomness for you.


At Costco to a random african american man in the christmas toy aisle:

Daughter: Hmmm, you are NOT Barack Obama!
NotBarack: Well, no I'm not, but I'm voting for him.
Daughter: Me too! Mommy YOU vote for Barack Obama too!
Me: Absolutly.
Daughter (head thrown back, fist pumped in the air): Yay! Barack OMAMA!


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