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03 October 2008

Zinc and vapors

Daughter is almost over the plague. She has passed it along to everyone else though, myself included. I have cracked myself out on triple extra strength mucinex elephant pills (seriously...they are HUGE) and ColdEaze and after two cups of coffee and a quad-shot americano I still managed to fall asleep on the couch while Daughter was watching Caillou or Aladdin or something this morning. (I know...Best. Mother. EVER. Is what you are thinking, right? Me too.)

At any rate, I woke up this morning feeling like my face was going to EXPLODE and I couldn't even blame Sarah Palin! Although, on second thought, I'm sure all the stress and anxiety of her bid for ultimate power have wrecked my immune system and that led directly to my getting sick and oozing mucus. I will amend my will to read, "And to Governor Sarah Six Pack I hereby also bequeath also all my used Kleenex and Popsicle sticks, also. May they give you the plague also and a splinter or two. Ya betcha!"

Seriously, I am surviving on a diet of All Fruit Popsicles. I think I have had at least half a dozen today. I haven't eaten this many Popsicles since I was pregnant. Which, obviously, I am not.

I am sure Boyfriend is just THRILLED to be here with my sick ass and loony, sick parents, and adorable carrier monkey of a child in the house that seems to permanently smell of Vicks Vapor Rub...or maybe that is just me. Hawt.

At any rate, dear Internets, I am off for a weekend of who knows what and will am hoping beyond hope to have zinc-ed this thing in the bud and be up and around tomorrow.


P.S. Yes, I did watch the debate last night. No, I was not shocked by La Gova's performance. I was, on some level, deeply offended by her openly flirting with the camera. The freaking winking. And the hair down. and the hooker heels. Not surprised by any of it, but offended again, also.

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