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10 November 2008

h&m baby...also, the glory that is white house/black market

My weekend was great.

Long, lots of flying, meeting overload, tons of walking in not the best possible shoes, but when all was said and done it was really energizing. I even went to see a movie that I wouldn't have chosen and found it pretty hilarious.

I sit on a board of directors. I have since 2005. We've just expanded and all is very exciting. Lots of work and travel to come. Lots of opportunity to further our mission. Also tons of work. Tons of meetings and travel and conferences.

Also, I just love going to Seattle. I was born there. Its the big city in which I am the most comfortable. I love the funk and the neighborhoods and the walk-ability. I love that there is a TARGET, an Anthropology, and NOW! Featuring! An H&M! I love, love, LOVE the restaurants. I love the skyline and the grit of a city, and oh god, but how I love the coffee (and now of course Washington is wine country and they are very INTO their wines which, well, is only MORE fun to be had!


I bought a cute hat and some tee shirts and one of those 'neck pillows' for myself. I got Daughter a 'simba' neck pillow for our Christmas Trip, a kid safe (albeit likely entirely cancerous) SEATTLE mug, her 2008 Christmas Ornament which is, oh my hell, so adorable and a very nifty lego silverware set that will be totally handy and entirely entertaining in restaurants. I got this for Boyfriend

Ooooh, I also bought a totally fabulous sweater dress from the newly christened H&M on Pike. It was 25 bucks. I haven't owned a sweater dress since I was in the second grade. I lurve it.

I also had my inaugural experience (see where this is going?) at White House/Black Market. All I can say about this is that I am thoroughly infatuated (SWOON!) and that I am so, so pleased to the core of my want to be fashionable being that someone like Michelle Obama who is tall like me and not a twig like me and cool and glamorous but in a not really working that far out of the box sort of way is going to be my reasonably affordable fashion ICON forever? Well, as I said, SWOON.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled holiday meltdown.

I finished reading this book. And read most of the current issue of Food and Wine magazine on the plane. I think I found two dishes to introduce into the mix this year. I still don't have a set line up. Granted, it is only my tenth year at this and I punted a couple of them.

I think I may have come up with something resembling a solution for the Holiday Cards. . . At least so far as my list is concerned.

I think I may also have come up with a solution for the Boyfriend's Son's Birthday Gift from yours truly. I think it is good enough for this year at any rate.
Ok, this is dissolving into nothingness. I will bid the Internet adieu and go find some mindless television to watch for the twenty minutes until I fall fast asleep. Daughter conked out at 740pm. TIRED.


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