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19 November 2008

live blogging from MOVIE NIGHT!

We are watching Wall-e on dvd, Daughter and I.

Wall-e was the first movie she saw in the theater. I think that was a good choice.

(Yes, I realize we watch a lot of movies...or I talk about the movies we watch a lot...or something.)

I have a haircut tomorrow. I am highly excited about that and tomorrow evening I am flying to Seattle (again) for the weekend plus a couple of days).

I am sore from running three days in a row (on a treadmill nonetheless) and also doing crunches. I think I am mostly sore from the cruches. Oh, sad, sad state of my abdominal muscles. So, so pathetic am I.

This also "happened" in the world of the mommyblogs today Call me a cynic, but I do not think that if I announced that I was pregnant on the internet that the news would render 2,313 comments.

That would be cool though.

Also, Congratulations to the Armstrongs.

Damn, Wall-e really is a good movie.

Live Blogging from MOVIENIGHT! Wow, I am so supremely exciting.

In other (only mildly related) news, I am reading this and very much looking forward to the upcoming movie about the same subject matter. I can't tell you how insensed I am about the Prop8 business in California and by insensed I mean really profoundly disappointed. I think the book is spurring me on a bit. I really genuinely do not understand why gay rights are so slow in coming in this country. I do not understand why homophobia is so condoned. I blame the churches and all the small minds contained within their walls.

I think that this is one of the better discussions of the issue. Please watch with an open mind.

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Joanna/Steve said...

Have fun in the big city! Our best to Boyfriend. Try Shultzy's in the U-District. Great sausage.