Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

06 May 2009

Once again it has been awhile.

The real estate deal is still an ongoing ordeal. Maybe culminating in a closing next week, maybe who knows. Oh my hell.

Daughter is getting to be extremely hilarious and I really need to take better notes.

We are all excited about getting our dog in a couple of weeks.

I would rather have the house before the dog.

We had a friend in town last night and today. We went to the best resturant in town for dinner last night. It was good all around. Although, I was just plain HUNGRY all day today and just kept snacking and snacking until I wound up eating (gf) ziti for dinner at 5:30 pm.

Daughter and I made black and white cookies (sugar cookies dipped in chocolate) and then pizza from scratch. We maybe over ate chocolate throughout the day. Damn it was good though.


I biked to and from work Monday and Tuesday this week. I was sorrowfully sore, but felt generally awesome for having done it. I have been wanting to start biking since I took this job and the weather has finally relented. Now I think I am really going to bite the bullet and buy some fancy bike pedals and shoes this summer.

We had some nice weather (nice be REAL WORLD standards, seventies and cloudless) last week and weekend. It was my first weekend in months and months and months with no school, no kiddo, literally no responsibilities.

We bought a lawnmower with my dad and mowed his lawn. And cleaned out all the flower pots and turned the dirt. It rained today. Hopefully everything will blow up green this weekend.


I have a radio interview in the morning and a second one at the same time Friday. That is cool. We have a big event for work this weekend. Hence, the interviews.


Ok. Time for bed. That is all.

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