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23 July 2008

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Moan, Rant!: A list in three parts.

Stuff that is making me smile:
1. Daughter's ever growing vocabulary in all its hilarious glory.
2. The fact that Daughter slept through the whole night in her own bed.
3. Daughter's insistence on being referred to as "Baby Bunny", calling me "Mommy Bunny" and having a grand ol' time creating "Bunny Houses" for herself under blankets and comforters and the bean bag chair.
4. The progress that is being made on a project that I am working on with really smart, motivated people.
5. Running is going pretty well and I am definitely getting stronger.
6. FINALLY got Daughter's haircut (8 INCHES!) and it looks adorable.
7. Daughter is making progress with the potty training.*
8. All of my houseplants are still alive! They even appear to be, dare I say it (?!?!) growing.

Stuff that is troubling me:
1. I am really having trouble sleeping through the night.**
2. I'm sort of at a stand still in my life and I do not yet know which direction to take.***
3. I am totally and completely out of money.
4. Boyfriend's siblings seem to think of me as a young little strumpet or something equally troublesome and unflattering.
5. I think I complain to much.
6. I am pretty sure I am turning Daughter into a tv crack addict this week since we have been totally stuck inside our apartment.****
7. I don't have any alone time except for running. I am ON all the time. I don't think I am very good at this.
8. I am a crappy housewife. . .albeit an un-married one. Housework is way to stressful for me.
9. Bestfriend seems to be AWOL. Again.

Stuff that is pissing me the eff off:
2. The case of swimmer's ear that I can't kick is perpetually annoying.
3. Boyfriend and I are having one or two issues with communication which is causing tensions to run a little hot around here.
4. The knowledge that Daughter is going back to her father's house in September.
5. The Berenstain Bears openly love Jesus now. WHA?******
6. Numbers 3 and 4 from the Troubling list.
7. The Landlady has decided to turn the house where we live into a perpetual construction zone. Which has more or less eliminated Daughter's ability to nap.
Seriously, Internet, I can't sleep for shit and it is making me cranky and nuts.

*Which is to say, she hasn't pee-ed on the couch all week.
**I can get to sleep, I just can't stay that way much past 3am.
***Which is to say that I don't even know what I WANT my options to be. Hmm, I wonder if this could be at all tied to the previous complaint.
****At least she is limited to Caillou, Berenstain Bears, and the Magic School Bus. That is something, right? RIGHT?!?!
*****One day of sunshine this month! We can not even See The Sky.
******Seriously, what in the holy is this shit?

If you made it this far, you deserve a reward. Here you go:

Daughter, experimenting with her new hair accessories.

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