Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

21 July 2008

Update: Recessitate...You thought it was going to be something great didn't you? Like Hey! Check out my New Car!

No such luck.

I told the mechanic to replace the clutch. I am now the reluctant owner of a Rhino Clutch and the same old car that I have had for a loooooooooooong time now.

Internet, hold me to this one...that is the LAST time I do more than change the oil on that old nag.

Spent the weekend kicking around town with Daughter, Boyfriend, and Daughter's Father (otherwise known as EX-Husband) who came for a visit. He stayed at a hotel and borrowed the newly reconstructed car. I drove the new clutch (all $1036.47 of it) for about seven blocks before turning it over to him for the weekend. Yes, apparently, this really is my life.

Daughter and I dropped him at the airport about five pm yesterday. It was a lot less dramatic than I anticipated. No tears, no drama, no wailing chorus's of 'I WANT DAAAAAAAADY'. We must be making progress. The four of us had breakfast Saturday and Sunday and all went swimming yesterday at noon. They did their own thing the rest of the time, which sounds, thanks to the weather, like it mostly included hanging out in the hotel. Daughter slept at home. They went to the beach and made an appearance at her favorite toy shop yesterday afternoon. I think it was good for both of them to spend the weekend together. All the adults were on their very best (and most emotionally generous) manner. It was a little hyper-friendly, which is a vast improvement over last winter... to say nothing of THAT SUMMER WE SPLIT UP AND THE YEAR BEFORE THE DIVORCE WAS FINAL.

Boyfriend was the least interested in having Daughter's Father around. Understandable, if not somewhat annoying. Of course it is stressful for the adults to be around one another, but shouldn't the goal of the weekend be to minimize the stress on the little one, rather than bask in the stress for everyone else? Um, yeah. So there was that.

It was still nice to hang out with Boyfriend solo for an afternoon or two. We even went to a movie. In the theater. A dark, violent, movie with no robots. It was pretty great. Heath Ledger was pretty creepy.

All told, I am pretty glad that it is Monday. That is a strange place to find one's self, isn't it?

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