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26 August 2008

Best. Election Day. Ever.

I am having a very lovely Election Day. Election Days are not, typically, good times for me. They are generally UBER busy and ultimately supremely disappointing. I have had numerous soul crushing Election Nights (followed by post-election day jack daniels hangover...even better!) and I think they have soured me on the process.

Today, so far, has been quite different.

Yes, I was up at six and on a street corner by seven am in the freaking rain to orchestrate sign waving at morning commuters. Yes, I loath yard signs and yes, it was raining, but the group of people I was with were great (best representative EVER) and we cut out after only an hour and 20 minutes.

Then, instead of heading to a campaign office to freak out and watch news and call voters and drive people hither an yarn and run for food and coffee and coffee (and that starbuck's irish cream stuff) I took the day to be with my kid. I came home at 8:30, made breakfast, we went to get her haircut at 10. We made a run to Fred Meyer's.

We decided to be "Very grown UP." and go for sushi lunch. We sat at the Sushi Bar and she commented on the curtains and the lanterns and the different types of fish in the display. She asked the Sushi Chef (who's name is Gary) about the Sushi Boats and Sushi Bridges and pointed out that the bridges were smaller than the boats and was curious as to how the boats could sail under bridges that were smaller than they were....damn, but she pays attention to things.

She proceeded to eat an entire serving of rice with soy sauce four grains at a time with her chop sticks and a bowl of miso soup with all the seaweed. She drank water out of her tea cup. We 'cheers-ed' our classes frequently. She ate two cookies on the way out. Her fortunes were sweet.

So sweet, in fact, that after voting for my favorite congressional candidate of all time, re-electing my really lovely representative, voting for that other guy I like a lot, and some ballot initiatives (one of which I did some work to get on the ballot last year) we went for ice cream. Strawberry. Really good strawberry.

We are back out to wave signs (together, for the first time) in another hour. Daughter has a whole song and dance routine to go with her sign waving. A good time should be had by all.

Then there is a celebratory party this evening. And I know the person who is hosting the party is going to win. Which is awesome to know before hand. And my guy is going to win. And that is awesome too.

Granted, this is just the primary. But, come November I get to vote for Barack Obama too and my love for all that is Obama was only reaffirmed last night listening to Michelle Obama's Convention speech. Oh. Blast if this week isn't reaffirming my interest in politics. Seriously. Blast.

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the veggie paparazzo said...

An unfortunate number of people are cynical about it, but there are so many of us who hear genuine hope in Barack's words and life.