Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

25 August 2008

Listmaking? Check. Productivity? Not so much.

I am dumbfounded to realize that August is almost over, my credit card bill is due, and I will be moving (AGAIN) in a week and a half.

Today I have to do laundry and write the packing list and I really should start to actually put things in actual boxes and Rubbermaid tubs.

Instead, Daughter and I are eating lunch (grilled cheese sandwich for her, tomato soup for both of us) on a picnic blanket on the floor and watching Finding Nemo. She is running in place on the BoSu and doing her signature flying leaps into the bean bag chair. We both have a mild case of the sniffles and I am due to wave yard signs for my favorite congressional candidate bright and early in the sheeting rain tomorrow.

I am excelling in chewing my nails down to nubs and drinking coffee until I have the jitters. Also, blog reading, online job searching, and conducting scary conversations in my head...playing both roles, natch.

There is not enough room on my C Drive to download the new episode of Mad Men. I do not know how to remedy this exactly. Something wants to clean something, but I'm pretty confident that I would loose stuff I want to keep. I seem to be just that sort of useless. I might have to risk it though...I really want to watch the Mad Men.

Ok. Packing list. . . focus. . . here I come.

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