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14 October 2008

Toddler Hilariousness, Vol. 1

Hilarious things Daughter has said in the past 24 Hours:

Me: "Where should we take Papa for lunch today?"
Daughter: "Mom, let's take him to the sushi (suuuue-she) place. Do you like sushi, Papa?"
Papa: "Uhhh, no."
Daughter: "Oh, but Papa! You are BIG!" You should like sushi! It is very Sophisticated. I do not like sashimi (sash-eeeemeee) now, but I will when I am BIG!"*

After pouring her hot chocolate:
Me: "Here you go. May I have some of your hot chocolate, too?"
Daughter: "Just be patient dear. Mommy, you are a dear."

After spilling her hot chocolate from her teeny tiny tea cup onto the counter and then being caught finger painting:

Daughter: "Whoops-e-daisy!"
Me: "It's not a whoops-e-daisy if you pour it on purpose."
Daughter: "Oh, you're right, its interpretive dance."**

*She considers "getting sushi" to include a bowl of miso soup, a cup of rice with 'spicy (soy) sauce' and maybe a bite of fried bit from a roll.

**We are BIG into LILLY BOOKS around here.

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lupingirl said...

She sounds very precocious. I love the interpretive dance comment - hilarious!