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02 November 2008

enough with the winter already

Good morning Day 2! The sun is shining! We got an extra hour of sleep! The Election will be OVER in one less day!

Its 11 degrees outside! Seriously. Come on weather. You suck. Soooooooooo cold.

Today Daughter goes home a few hours early because her little brother turned two yesterday and today is his party. For whatever reason, I decided that we should take a treat as well as a gift, so we made rice crispies with leftover Halloween M&Ms in them. I'm questioning (a little) whether this is a good idea or a slightly passive aggressive sugar overdrive tactic. I can't tell. I am guessing the fact that I question my own motives is possible not the best of signs. Ah well, Daughter is very proud of her treats (we cut them in circles and put them in cupcake papers and packaged them in a cute box with tissue paper...I may not 'craft' but this I can do.)

I'm going to hit the gym after I drop her at the party and then I have to get actually motivated to get my room cleaned and laundry done before boyfriend arrives Tuesday Night. I think we are going to spring for a hotel room downtown. I have several reasons for this. . . above and beyond the obvious.
1) He doesn't arrive until nearly 11pm at which point I will not be driving to the airport to retrieve him.
2) The logistics of parking the car somewhere downtown that he can easily find in a cab AND leaving the car unlocked so that he can drop his bags AND find his way to whatever bar I am residing in seems like a lot of hassle (especially since he does not know the town very well and I'm not really interested in shouting directions on my cellphone either in the street or from a loud place full of people.
3) Well, um, we haven't seen each other in over a month and will be living WITH. MY. PARENTS. until at least the end of the year, so, um, well, a hotel seems "logical".
4) I'm just naturally assuming that I'm going to be somewhat to severely hungover come Wednesday morning and I'd really rather not share said hangover with my mother who drinks about half a glass of white wine every other decade.

So, there you are. I've just talked myself into the 100 dollar hotel room. Done. TaDa! Fun. Fun. Fun.

Well, that concludes this edition of NaBloPoMo for Sunday, November 2nd.

Paula Radcliff won the New York City Marathon. Boyfriend's sister is also running.

Senator John McCain tried really, really hard not to make too much fun of his running mate on SNL last night.

And I don't have to share Election night with my mother. Good Times!

Thanks for tuning in. . . See you tomorrow.

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