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01 November 2008


November 1st is here and here I am posting my first (of thirty. whoa.) straight posts to celebrate NaBloPoMo.

I'm sure a fair amount of this week will be dedicated to the upcoming election. I'll probably be loosing my mind all over the Internet on Tuesday as that is how I typically spend the doom and gloom downtime that generally absorbs my election days. Maybe it will be different this year. I'm not "working" on a campaign for the first time in SIX years, so all I have to do is wave a sign for a couple hours in the morning then I'm getting my haircut and have Daughter all afternoon. Then I'm going to an Election Night party and Election Central and then, almost inevitably, to Election Central 2.0 (aka the bar across the street from Election Central where we all end up because it is full of televisions).

Boyfriend arrives on a flight just before 11pm on Election Night too. (Yay!)

Which leads to what you can expect here Wednesday: A Hungover Post Election Post. I can almost guarantee this as a) well, I remember last day after election day...well, I vaguely remember it. . . b) I haven't been to a bar since, probably, April. Oh, no, that's a lie. I went out after the Primary last summer and I don't have scotch at home well...hangover... and finally c) I've never, ever, won big on Election Night. I typically endure a pretty painful loss (or six) and I'm still freaking out about the fact that of the 6 races that I'm really interested and/or involved in I am pretty confident about taking at least three and there is a possibility that they may ALL go my way and I really don't think that I can survive that having some sort of an aneurysm.

After that, Thursday and Friday are kind of foggy. I'll either be moving on, elated, or well, pretty seriously depressed and blaming Boyfriend for all of it. (Yes, Internet, here is a confession. . . Boyfriend works for Her. And I choose to hold him personally responsible when it comes to all things Sarah that annoy the holy living shit out of me.)

At any rate. I'm excited to be here. I was pretty pumped when I discovered NaBlo last year. A whole month with TONS to read! It was about six months after I came upon the glorious world of the mommyblogs, a twist of online fate for which I will be eternally grateful and undoubtedly expounding upon this month.

Ok! Feeling Good! Day one is done! Whoot!

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lupingirl said...

I hope you win all 6 and somehow avoid the aneurysm! We are certainly united in the hope that SHE is defeated.