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06 November 2008

flying out at 434 in the morning tomorrow

En Route to Seattle painfully early in the morning tomorrow and haven't stopped moving all day (or, for that matter, STARTED packing).

I promise to write a nice, thoughtful, long post on the plane.

For now, however, there is this:

(Stolen shamelessly from Friday Playdate )

I still can't believe it.

It is a pretty mixed back in these parts. We lost two big races for Congress and Senate. Well, maybe not LOST, but are waiting on 50,000 uncounted votes. I am looking forward to going to America for a few days just to get really pumped up about things.

Also, as I said before, I live in one of the only places on the planet that is going to have to continue to deal with The Reign of The Palins. Barf.


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lupingirl said...

I don't get Alaskans - how could they re-elect Ted Stevens? How could it be even close really?! Sorry, not blaming you by any means!