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16 November 2008

Monsters and Pandas and KungFu...Oh My!

Daughter goes back to her Dad's House tonight, back to the normal schedule. It has been a fun week.

Last night, for Movie Night, we watched Kung Fu Panda at my friend SF's suggestion. It is an instant favorite. We watched it again this morning. Daughter is pretty determined to become a Kung Fu Master by the age of three. She stands in front of the gigundus television and acts out all the action sequences. Which was pretty awesome looking last night when it was pitch black in the house.

This morning she added all the running like a cat sequences and created obstacles courses for herself.

Here are the things I liked about the movie:

It was artistic. The action sequences and the intro and stuff were pretty kick ass.

There were no damsels/princess/fair maidens/barbie dolls/care bears/or my little ponies.

The food looked really good and there were some fun special features including one about how to use chopsticks.

Daughter was so tired out from all the late night (we didn't start the movie until 7:30) Kung Fu that she fell asleep in about two minutes flat (after we finished the fourth daily reading of The Grunch!).

We also took Daughter sledding for the first time on a 'real' sledding hill. She had a blast. It was the perfect time of day (around noon) so it was as warm and sunny as it was going to get, but with the exception of four high school girls, there were only little kids around and not that many of them.

She got pretty tired out after about ten runs (and hikes back up the hill), but had a blast and looked extra adorable in her hot pink snow pants.
The rest of this month is going to be pretty hectic. Hell, the rest of the YEAR is going to be pretty hectic, but I'm determined to carve out some more sledding time.

Right now I am basking in the squeals of laughter erupting from downstairs and Boyfriend and Daughter are deeply involved in a game of CATERPILLAR MONSTER with the cat. I don't quite understand all of the rules, but there is laughter and tickling involved and some effort, it seems, to get the 18 pound cat into a cocoon so they can tickle her into a butterfly.

Good luck with that. The cat is the real MONSTER. And, unlike Boyfriend or Daughter, she isn't afraid to bite. . .

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