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15 November 2008

14 November 2008

See, I didn't miss a day. Really, it says 14 November right there in the header. You can not possibly argue with the HEADER for christsakes.

Ok. So, I did not forget to post yesterday. I planned to post just as soon as I could sit down to a computer. Which worked out to be about 9:30pm. By 9:30pm I was sound asleep. So there. There is my excuse.

I apologize.

Not sure to whom I am apologizing, since NaBloPoMo is really a self imposed challenge.

At any rate, we have a busy day ahead. Errands and maybe some sledding and DAMN I really want to go for a run since it has. been. awhile.

Daughter goes back to her Dad's tomorrow night and the next three weeks are going to be pretty discombobulated. I'll be in Seattle again next weekend for a few days. Boyfriend is going to be gone from Monday-Sunday. I'm going to be gone from Thursday night-Tuesday night. Daughter will be with her Dad for the next three weekends, which I think sort of sucks, but ah well.

Ok. Real Saturday Post later today. Happy Weekend.

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