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13 November 2008

Oh What the Hell?

I feel was tired today. So tired by 11:30 that I fell asleep around one and was either out or just barely hanging on until 3.

Huh. That is strange.

And, it must be said, that my boobs have been oddly sore for the past couple of days.

Double huh. With a side of head scratching.

And I have some weird feeling of just off-ness, but I have been traveling and I live with a toddler and all the germs from her school and from her Dad's House and her brother's school and everything else that both of them get into on a regular basis. So. That is not so strange. There are a lot of bugs flying around out there. Especially in the frigid arctic.

Then, today for lunch, at the beginning of my fit of overwhelming tiredness, I wanted nothing for lunch except tuna with nasoya, salt, pepper, and tortilla chips. Well, fuck all. Perhaps THAT should have been a sign.

There are about 43,000 reasons why it is totally impossible that I'm well, you know.

Like, I have an IUD.

And, until a week ago I hadn't been having any sex.

And, the post election twelve hours of hotel sex not withstanding, I haven't really had much more sex in the past week.

And, I have an IUD.

And it was only a damn week ago.

And. The fact that all the little stupid things that I was thinking about earlier in this post WERE technically things that were all simultaneously pregnant throughout my pregnancy three years ago, there is NO. DAMN. REASON. to believe that they were anything more than merely coincidental today. What with the IUD, etc.

I am calming my clearly hypocrondrical nerves with a glass of wine. Because, well, what the hell else am I supposed to do? Play in the yard? No thank you. Daughter is doing that with Boyfriend who is hanging Christmas lights on a tree.

Fuck all. There is NO. DAMN. WAY.

I will further my rebellion against the obvious impossibility by eating sushi for dinner. TAKE THAT IMPOSSIBILITY.

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