Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

29 May 2008

Philosophy, Mystery, Anarchy, All is 'Lost'

Busy. Three glorious hours of LOST this evening.

Tomorrow I will blurb a bit about this afternoon's run.

Here are the high/lows:
Went further, a little longer, and a wee bit faster. Walked only a little bit and all up hill in the middle.
Also, the weather continues to ROCK. Hard.
Wore the old socks instead of the new socks. Re-affirmed the absolute suckage that is the old socks. Have multiple ugly toes as a result of egg sucking socks.

Additional odd and somewhat embarrassing detail:
There was fresh bear scat (read: big pile of steaming black bear shit) in the middle of the trail at the beginning of my run where no people were around. So, in an effort to avoid startling a large creature (or two, or three) that would find my maggoty slow self a delightful snack, I sort of sang along to my iPod. In the hopes that this would alert said near by bears to my presence and they would leave me effing alone. The only creatures who seemed to be alerted were a trio of long haired high school aged mountain bikers who found me to be hilarious. In a sad old scared lady sort of way. That's hot.

Also, read this.

Lost finale coming up SOON! Hee hee!

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