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02 June 2008

Spesh Sesh

So, I live in my state's capital city.

The legislature is convening a special session tomorrow morning.

I used to work for the legislature.

Here is a funny story about a really funny (looking) man.

I live downtown and this evening I was walking to my local market to pick up some dinner supplies. I live pretty far north. It stays light here just about all night long these days.

Soooo, I was walking back from the store and was in the middle of a totally vacant neighborhood intersection when I had to JUMP out of the way of a big, gold, suburban. Being driven by a big, old, mubly, grumbly, republican legislator.

Who is my parents' representative.

Who once told me and another former staffer a story about his penis.


It was one of those moments when the other staffer and I walked away and looked at each other and did a "um, weird. seriously? Did THAT. SHIT. JUST. HAPPEN?"

Anyway. He unknowningly tried to run me down tonight. Which could have happened anyway. I'm so. not. a Republican.

I am not looking forward to the Special Session. Just so many politicos. Oh the drama. The silly, pointless drama. Oh, holy gasline!

Yes, I just barfed in my mouth a little bit too.

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