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20 June 2008

Where have you been Little Read Hen?

Dear Internet,

Oh, how I have missed you! What a negligent poster I have been. After two weeks of traveling, meetings big and small, LOTS of restaurant food, a professional baseball game and a solo flight with a two-year-old I am settled in back at home with a fully moved in Daughter and a carpet that is slightly worse for the wear already.

I had some sketchy Internet access for part of the trip and just lots going on in my head. There are several partially written posts awaiting editing and publishing so stay tuned for more in the coming days.

Until then, here is a story from yesterday afternoon.

Daughter is enjoying her Mommy House and adjusting to the change with relative ease. Her walls are full of butterflies and she instantly recognized the chair, curtains and comforter that she had chosen last winter and spring. She loves the desk full of paper and crayons where she sits to "do important works." Twice yesterday she decided that she would put herself to bed. After snuggly story time she pulled up the covers and said "I go sleep myself, Mom. You go do you stuff. You don't neeeeed a nap, Mom." Repeat performance at bedtime. Apparently, we are "an all growed up girl" now.

Which, thankfully didn't keep Daughter from crawling into bed with me, wordlessly, about three am and sleeping clear through until after eight.

New pictures coming soon too. Happy Friday.

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