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08 July 2008

Upping the Ante

So...Running. Running is going pretty well. I am into the routine. I am logging in the time. It is, surprisingly rare that I miss a run.

There are stinky running clothes hanging off the back of the bathroom door.

I have a fancy running hat with a little pocket for my house key and a new watch.

I am all geared out again and getting opinionated about what I wear, eat, listen too, etc.

I am still not very pleased with the earphone situation, but I am enjoying my play list.

The new running bra rocks as well as anything possibly could, I give it a lot of credit for pushing the running to the next level, I should have bought three.

The only cotton in my workout wardrobe is found in my socks and I have found socks that I A-D-O-R-E. I am so passionate about the socks that I am doing laundry regularly in large part to make sure I do not have to wear back up socks on a run.

The quote un quote 'summer' weather here is sucking a lot of ass these days. Cold and raining almost every day. One day last week the sun forced its way out and we hit 70. That, sadly, was not a running day, but Daughter and I were outside from 9:30 in the morning until it was time to cook dinner at five. I am mostly running in 'tights' as a result of it being cold, and rainy, and windy most days. I am getting into the tights. No chafing, which is nice and less cold on the get go. Of course, I'm running faster and longer now, so I am starting to get superstitious.

I am fairly brand loyal. A couple of years ago I bought my first pair of Brooks shoes and don't imagine ever going back again. I have Nike shorts and socks (best damn socks EVER). An Enell bra. I'm not actually sure what the brand of the hat is (I found it at some chick athletic store at University Village in Seattle), Ironman watch, Ipod Shuffle, Scrunci fat hairbands. I have a selection of Under Amour and New Balance and Random other singlets and some old smelly Patagonia gear that has been sentenced to athletic gear only. I haven't found a singlet that I am particularly fond of yet.

So, here is the real news. I have been running, in accordance with DoctorMama's instructions, every other day for thirty minutes. I am no longer walking any parts of the run, not even the ugly uphill bits. I am overshooting the thirty minute minimum most days, especially when I run on my own.

Yesterday was my first day of running on my new schedule: two days on, one day off. Tomorrow I will go out for thirty five minutes. My next step is to add time. By the end of the summer, I want to be going out three days on, one day off for forty minutes at a stretch. When I have gotten into the time routine, then I want to work on distance until I am hitting five miles in forty minutes. That is the plan. I will keep you posted.

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