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12 October 2008

on dressing from my past

I bit the bullet and bought these jeans yesterday. I haven't owned a pair of these particular jeans since I was in high school. WAAAAAAAAAAY back in the day before they 'redesigned' them to be all cool and stretchy and therefore (duh!) cost $11.45 more. Also, I bought them three sizes smaller yesterday that I have ever purchased them before. This was exciting, of course, and I really like the cut. And pulling them on was a little like getting together with an old friend. Oh! LOOK! These pants still make me look like I have an ass that I don't really! Cool!

I have been really struggling with jeans lately. I like wide leg pants, but not in denim and there is a great abundance of wide leg (bell leg, flare leg, take your pick) jeans out there at the moment.

While shopping, I came across this other little disturbance courtesy of the Gap. I swear to god. I owned this EXACT SAME JACKET in 1989. When I was in the second grade. Maybe it was 1990 and the third grade. Regardless. I feel very fortunate to have skirted many of the '80s fashion disasters. Equally pleased to be able to write off the ones that I fell prey to under the heading of "YOU CAN'T HOLD NEON BIKE SHORTS (Side Pone/LA Gear High Tops with the Fringe Around the Top/Leggings/Mis-Matched Keds with Mis-Matched Socks/ High Waisted, Abundantly colorful jeans with tapped ankles, etc) AGAINST ME...I WAS A CHILD!"

Open Letter to the Gap and all other Gap-ish Retailers:
Dear Gap,
I would really like to not fall victim to your new found obsession with odd 80's wear. Please stop with the bomber jackets and skinny jeans.

It is snowing here. I am needing non-ugly boots. I already have ugly, clunky, heavy, one whole size to big boots for driving around. They look a lot like this. I also own these, which were perfectly functional as winter (and by that I mean year round, rain country, wore them frequently this summer) boots when I lived in that other place, but now I am back to real winters and winters shared with a toddler who likes to PLAY! OUTSIDE! IN THE SNOW! For HOURS. ON. END. Especially at playgrounds and sledding hills where you have to socialize (or in my case try to avoid contact with the other mothers for no apparent reason). It is for me, an awful lot like high school. Except I look cuter now than I did in High School and I need boots that reflect that. If only for myself. I am not having much luck. I think I might like these, but I haven't seen them in real life and I am not sold on the fake fur. But I like the height and the general look of non-clunky-ness.

It is also lotion season. I am experimenting with some options. Perhaps there is a post in there somewhere.

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